Picrolyte.com is an image sharing website with a freemium business model. Subscribers (who pay $15/year) can perform 2 operations without restrictions: search private images and run public scripts. Public scripts can display non-local images (over the Internet), whereas local scripts can only display local images. Owners of private images remain anonymous to other users.

Picrotalk is a proprietary scripting language. To launch a Picrotalk script, visit localhost:6776 in your browser after running the p.bat or p.sh file. Picrotalk is implemented using Java. Picrotalk also makes use of Jetty and Vaadin. Many Picrotalk scripts are accompanied by an author-defined database.

Business Model

Subscribers can add private images of other users to their own image collections. Non-subscribers only have one primary public script, which can only be changed once in any given calendar month. Non-subscribers can only run each secondary public script twice (for up to 24 hours each time) in any given calendar month.

Image Database Structure

Every image is stored in either an image folder (called a picro, which may contain multiple images) or a folder with a single-character (alphanumeric) folder name contained in an image folder. Every image in a single-character subfolder is duplicated in the parent folder. All picros (rows of pictures) are stored in bytros. The image database of a given user consists of a list of bytros. Bytros can be either public (everyone by default, followers, email list) or private. Public bytros have a virtual flag: if set, has pointer to another public bytro. Picros can be either ordered or random. Images can have captions included in a caption buffer of up to 255 characters. Optional image tags are comma-separated, terminated by a mandatory period, and the rest of the caption buffer is treated as the image caption. The subject list is a list of people. Comments are linked lists (upper and lower level lists) containing 255-byte text fields.

User Search

Whenever a user searches for images belonging to other users and winds up at a new user who is not included in the current author-defined database, the image database of the new user is scanned. At that point the new user's data is then included in the author-defined database. The scan takes place before the original user performs another search or stops browsing the Picrolyte database. Text searches are indexed, not linear search. Script authors receive 80 percent of ad revenue generated during user searches (including ads displayed by default script user searches).

File/Folder Names

  • Picronames, bytronames, image file names, tags
  • Only alphanumeric chars., hyphens and spaces allowed
  • Every hyphen and space is delimited with alphanumeric chars. (before and after)
  • Tags beginning with '#' and then consisting solely of digits are treated as subject ID numbers
  • In case of duplicate file names, append space followed by a positive integer in parentheses

User Digraph

  • Followers: these users follow you
  • Following: you follow these users
  • History picro: selection of images with optional comment threads (by followers; you make first comment which may be blank, and can make further comments and/or replies)
  • Any comment can have replies and replies to replies
  • Images not in history can only have one comment, by the image owner
  • Feed picro: chronological image list from history picros of users you are following (images of same user in same day grouped together)


Moderators receive a lifetime Picrolyte subscription, as well as a refund of any subscription fee(s) already paid out. They review content which has been flagged as either inappropriate content or grossly inappropriate content. Users must confirm that they are over 18 before doing a private search in any given session. No nudity is allowed, but when users browse private images the "report inappropriate content" feature is changed to "report grossly inappropriate content", and nudity is tolerated. Three categories of grossly inappropriate content exist: child porn, underage sexualized models, and depictions of extreme and/or very bloody scenes of violence. These category descriptions will be posted somewhere on the website, but with the exception of child porn, the other 2 category descriptions will not be posted prominently. Examples of inappropriate written material include hate speech and excessive personal attacks against other users.

Picrolyte Logo

The Picrolyte logo consists of a red, green and blue cube. Each of the 3 visible cube faces is composed of 4 squares, 2 x 2, and each of the 12 visible squares has a white upper case letter chosen from the word PICROL. The YTE in PICROLYTE comes from the word byte. A byte is a units value for measuring amounts of data, and is composed of 8 bits, where each bit can be either 0 or 1. The cube in my cube-shaped logo is made up of 8 smaller cubes, 2 x 2 x 2, and each of those smaller cubes represents one of the 8 bits in a byte. A kilobyte has 1024 bytes, and a megabyte has 1024 kilobytes.

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