Software House


Main Projects

  • Cooperscript - Android scripting language
  • FateLogger - CBT Thought Diary Android app
  • Deogrid - multi-user grid w/ scripting language
  • Coophoria - tool used to facilitate meetings using a whiteboard
  • Picrolyte - image folder organizing tool *
  • Jabbler - Scrabble game written in Java *
  • Twirthie - generate intrusive, repetitive thoughts *

The rest of the projects listed here are like something out of "Absolutely Mad Inventions", that hilarious book describing a bunch of 1800s inventions, all of which are reminiscent of the rest of these projects of mine. Who can forget the self-tipping hat, or the block of clear plastic containing your deceased loved one's head, or the toilet seat designed to prevent its users from standing on it?

  • Coopleteer - tool used to build Android apps
  • Qoopershare - tool used to build web-based apps (localhost)
  • Jyalogue - empowers coders who belong to marginalized groups
  • Cooperstorz - tool used to build websites

Psyvaspace Projects

  • Psyvaspace - online community of consumer/survivors
  • Psyvateach - website linking tutors with students
  • Psyvaboard - make your own board/card games
  • Psyvapix - organize/share your image folders
  • Jovelyst - open source web programming language

Other Projects

  • Scooperland - organize/share your image folders
  • Piqutary - organize/share your image folders
  • Piqutalk - open source web programming language
  • Jiphynet - tool used to build websites
  • Jophrium - tool used to build freemium websites
  • Jysta - old Psyvaspace umbrella project
  • Graphwix - social networking site + web programming language
  • Sharebitor - tool used by content publishers
  • Sharebiteach - edutainment software development kit
  • Junk - junk projects


* Working software, project completed

About Me

I am Mike Hahn, the founder of Learnequate.com. I was previously employed at Brooklyn Computer Systems as a Delphi Programmer and a Technical Writer (I worked there between 1996 and 2013). At the end of 2014 I quit my job as a volunteer tutor at Fred Victor on Tuesday afternoons, where for 5 years I taught math, computers, and literacy. I'm now a volunteer math/computer tutor at West Neighbourhood House. My hobbies are reading quora.com questions/answers and the news at cbc.ca. About twice a year I get together with my sister Cathy who lives in Victoria. She comes here or I go out there usually in the summer. Prior to starting Learnequate I used to lie on the couch a lot, not being very active. Now I'm busy most of the time. I visit my brother Dave once a month or so and I also visit my friends Main and Steph once or twice a month.